Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Summertime In The Winter (You Have Got To See This Pt. 4)

Summer Wars

I just watched this movie last night on my downtime at work. I've been hearing about this movie for a long time now. Not really sure how long, but almost a year maybe.

Ive always saw the Image I'm using while browsing the net. The picture itself looks interesting enough. But I just never got around to watching it. Until last night that is.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this movie.

An excellent blend of dialogue, suspense, romance and even a little action involved. Loved the plot.

A high school boy gets invited to work with the high school beauty over the summer. His job? Pretend to be her fiance! Let the hi-jinks ensue right!? I'm a sucker for slice of life, drama and romance. I just knew this was going to be about some lucky guy getting the girl of all of our dreams. But it was way more to it than that.

In this setting the world is closely tied to the internet which they call, Oz. Think of how we are now with the internet, but much more involved. The entire planet is hooked intimately with the internet and the world of OZ online. Cue the hacker. Let the madness begin.

I know my review is kind of dry. I don't even want to call it a review. I just want you to watch this. If you haven't please do so soon. And if you have watched it, please share your thoughts with me on it.

You have got to see this!


  1. Eh, now I'm interested at this movie~ Maybe I should watch it. :D

  2. The visuals and the story do look amazing enough for me to give this a try, so yea, definitely watching this sometime soon.

  3. Summer wars was aweesomeee! Loved it! You should check out Welcome to the space show. It is very similar!

  4. Summer Wars is amazing!!!! It has a very good story, awesome characters, and eye popping art. Bought of from amazon to watch since I heard cool reviews like this!! So go watch it now!!!! :)