Friday, February 18, 2011

There Isn't Anything Common About Common Sense (Madoka Magica 7)

Kyubey hate him or love him, has some valid points. Points I'm even supporting. It makes practical sense to seperate the soul from the body if damage taken when the soul is in the body can oblierate the soul. One hit and you can no longer fight. This solution seems solid. But, choosing to leave out the fact that hes basically turned their souls into jewelry is that gray area everyone hates.

Okay you didn't tell them because they didn't ask which is true, but you also didn't volunteer that information because of their reactions. Which is misleading. You already knew this was a touchy subject and caused your candidates to not want to become Puella Magi. Which is why you purposely left it out.

Kyubey did warn them that their wish isn't free and they would have to fight for it. But I cant help feeling like he swindled them in the fine print. Used Car Salesman tactics.

Hormura drops the ball again on this one. She could have warned them about this from the start. You're protecting Madoka right? You're trying to keep her from making this huge mistake right? Why not tell her the ugly truths, the entire truths about what shes considering doing. You could for sure have prevented Sayaka from becoming a Puella Magi. Part of me think that your fixated on Madoka and could careless about Sayaka. Seems Homura is only caring for Sayaka as a by product of all the attention she heaps on Madoka.

I will forever love Kyouko. She tells it like it is. She gets it! It comes with the territory. This is what you have to pay for a miracle. It's only fair right? I love that she shows Sayaka some sympathy because she's experienced the same frustration and pain from her wish.

It really was nice to get a little backstory on the character I love. I'm glad I finally know the reason she's eating all the time. Her wish destroyed her family. But since her wish went wrong, did Kyubey release her from her contract? Or better yet, should Kyubey have released her from the contract?

Well she's still a Puella Magi, so of course he didn't. Kyubey isn't about ethics it would seem. He fullfilled her wish, even if it did go bad. So literally his part of the contract is fulfilled. Its not his fault her wish didn't work out right? Again, Used Care Salesman tactics.

Sayaka is still fighting with herself. She believes shes doing the right thing. I cant blame her either. But is your wish really for him to be happy or for him to be happy with you? She's made a decision to use her power for good which isn't bad. She's given up her life for the guy and she wont even be able to be with him. Is that true love? Maybe I'm harsh but it just seems like a waste to me.

Sayaka's wish is sure starting to look like a bad idea. You wished for his happiness over your own by mistake. Mami actually warned her about this. She really should have thought this through.

She now has to watch her best friend become the lover of the man she loves so much. The man you gave up your humanity for. Baka.


Madoka I'm losing even more faith in you, all these harsh realities are in your face. Yet you still act like you cant understand whats going on. You're just going to jump into this world feet first without thinking about anything you've learned.

You cant be that naive. Quit crying and start thinking!

You Have Got To See This: Pt 3


A three part OVA. Focusing on the actions of three players and their adventure in the MMO game called The WORLD. Rather than focusing on the Human players, the series focuses on the actually avatars and game-play.

For those us familiar with this series, its like a breath of fresh air. Everything we loved about the series with great voice acting, lovable characters and amazing artwork.

dotHackQuantum is about a MMO video game set in the distant future. Think WoW in the 22nd century. Where players log in with their friends quest, fight and find treasure.

Something happens in-game that causes the players to be sucked into the game. Making the person playing and their avatar one in the same.

What makes me like it so much is that, its like watching my favorite MMO animated. From the dialogue of the players to the things they are doing. Like getting the guild together to take down a hard game boss. Or PvPing. Which I happen to love very much. It warmed my heart to see that they really studied the MMO players and made you feel like you were watching players online going about their online lives.

I suggest you pick this up and watch it. You wont be disappointed.

You Have Got To See This: Pt 2

I just marthoned this anime for the past two days. There are two seasons of it.

But, as usual with these posts, I will not go into a detailed review of the anime.

This anime took me back to the days when things were new. Especially when love was new. Like how awkward it was to approach a girl you liked to ask her out. When things like talking on the phone to each other about nothing was the norm. It was really melodramatic. But in a good way.

This anime will make you angry, laugh and cry all at the same time. I'm suggesting you watch Honey and Clover and Honey and Clover II so you can feel just like I did.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

You Have Got To See This: Pt 1

This was going to be my "Get Familiar" series next post.

But, I've decided to change the title of it.

I don't want to do full blown reviews. Mainly because I want you guys to just watch it. Without knowing too much about the anime or whatever it is that I'm suggesting you check out. I hope you get the same feeling I got, I really do.

This time I'm suggesting you watch this anime, Cross Game.

The story about Kou Kitamura, a pitcher and his high school baseball team aiming to get into Koshien.

Koshien is the end all be all for highschool baseball. It's the Super Bowl of high school baseball in Japan. The stadium name is Koshien, which holds the National High school Baseball Championships. But its simply known as Koshien to all the kids aiming to play there.

This story also follows the relationship shared with the four Tsukishima Sister's who live right next door to him. Being a huge part of his life.

I felt myself typing up a review. I really did. I could go into great detail about why you should watch this show. But I cannot. I do not want to ruin it for you. So please, trust me and watch this anime. I have never felt this good about a show in a very long time.

You have got to see this.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Selfishness Will Help Save The World! (Madoka Magica 6)

As usual, Madoka finds herself where she shouldn't be. Scared, confused and helpless. Hard to believe a person like her is going to become the most powerful Magical Girl based on talent alone? Really? Even Michael Jordan had to practice! There is no killer instinct in Madoka's bones. I understand she's the heroine but come on man! She couldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight. Are the witches going to have a chat and tea while she cries about what they are doing is wrong? It might work. Poor Mami.

Kyubey is scheming again. Using every trick in the book to get Madoka. He knows how weak Sayaka is. So he's encouraging her to ask Madoka to help her. Kyubey is going for it.

Seems like the dirty truth about Puella Magi is starting to come out. Even Mami warned Madoka of this. Saving the world is a by product of the selfishness associated with becoming a Puella Magi. Kyubey didn't offer world peace. Hey said he'd grant your WISH. Seems our heroine thinks good intentions isn't a road to hell. She's growing up fast.

Soul Gems. Who knew they meant just that!? Kyubey snatched the souls from their bodies. Made them completely dependable on witches to stay alive and keep their wish alive as well. But its not enough to kill familiars. You need witches. Then, there isn't enough witches to go around. So the Magi end up fighting each other over turf because their needs are so great. Their bodies are mechs! LOL. "Puella Magi 00, dazzling the stage!" Or...wait? Right. Right? Right!

Kyubey what in this for you?

On another note.

I hate that I called Sayaka simple in my last post about this show. Sayaka gets it. Even better, she understands her place. She knows shes weak. What an awesome character. Sayaka has earned my honest and genuine respect. I wish she was stronger. She has the heart and the will to fight. She embraced the selfishness of becoming Puella Magi and went after what she wanted. Sustaining that wish she has for as long as she can. Just wonderful. I love the wake up call she gave Madoka. She fully understands what she's doing.

But she's been made the goat. She's being used by just about everyone. Kyubey is even using her to get to Madoka. Using Sayaka's weaknesses to force Madoka to become a Puella Magi in order to save her friend. He knows Madoka cant take another Mami event happening. Then you have the other two Puella Magi and their plans.

Homura and Kyoko making plans, plotting on Sayaka. Poor Sayaka. But, this is how it is. Those wishes aren't going to grant themselves. I can understand Kyoko's motives. She's doing it just for her. But what's up with Homura? Why is she so special? I know she needs Grief Seeds herself, so why give up such a prime area.

I loved how dark this show got this week. It really pointed out how selfish it is to be a Puella Magi. Makes it seem like doing this is only for the benefit of the people involved. Has nothing to do with saving people. That's just a by-product.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


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I finally made one.

Come join if you haven't!

Make sure you friend me, I'll be over there participating in discussions and updating my list regularly!

Hope to see you soon!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Your Not About To Cry Again Are You? (Madoka Magica 5)

I like Madoka Magica, I really do.

But, how many times does risking your life for your own ideals have to be explained? How much more proof do you need?

I get it, I get it. Were talking about young girls fighting for their lives. Trusting themselves with their own responsibilities. Having the conviction to follow through with the choices they've made.

Sayaka, bless her heart, is simple. Dangerously simple. She took her choice by the horns and ran with it. Yet she still shows that shes scared and doesn't know if shes able to see that choice through. Mami died in front of you. She showed you this already. You love the person you sacrificed for right? You made that choice because you believed in your heart it was the right thing to do. Then see it through.

To here credit she was moving forward. Trying her best not to be afraid and do her duty. Handle her responsibilities the best way she could. Why she would choose to take Madoka along knowing she's no good in a fight, is beyond me. I believe watching Mami die should have told her how useless back up is that's not Magical Girls themselves.

Enter this beauty.

Clearly a seasoned vet in the game. Knowing what it takes to get what one wants. Understanding that the world isn't all butterflies and rainbows. Especially when killing is what gets those rainbows to come out. I can't even fault her for showing up to a prime territory to further her own ambitions. That is basically what being a Magical Girl is all about. Wish for what you want. In return you gotta kill some witches! Cant keep getting what you want if there's others in your way. After all this isn't a team sport. Mami herself said that. That reminds me of this girl.

How many times are you going to double talk? Everything you say is contradictory when it comes to your actions. You've almost done everything you said you wouldn't do. You don't want to involve these girls. You want them to stay away from becoming a Magical Girl. You've already explained to our heroine about how harsh this existence is. You even told Madoka that there was nothing she could do to save Sayaka. So why are you, yet again, showing up to save them? What's your deal? Jumping in the middle of the new beauty and Sayaka's fight is so against your own words. Unless you're going to snuff them both out to meet your own ambitions. Wishful thinking I'm sure.

Madoka, how many people are going to die before you stop crying and do something about it? If your not going to do anything about it, then distance yourself and return to normal. I know its really hard to forget. You watched a person you've come to love die right in front of you. You also understand by now. That person was living the life she chose. The life Sayaka has also decided to choose. This isn't your life. If you want it to be, you know what you have to do.

Kyubei, your a dick dude. You knew damn well what your doing. What's your deal bro? Trying to coax Madoka into being a Magical Girl for you like that. Bad form dude.

In closing, yes this show is very predictable. I seen all this coming a mile away. But I figured I'd take this approach instead.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Girl Fight!

I like the premise of Infinite Stratos.

Not like it hasn't been done before. It has a couple of times.

I love the thought of beautiful women, in cool mechs fighting for the good of the human race. Wonderful! Fight on ladies. Look great doing it. Spending time in the mirror getting their makeup right, then time on the battlefield setting their enemies right! Yes!

Even better that only women can pilot the super cool Mechs. There are even women warriors selected by each country to represent them in battle. For political and military gain.

I'm hooked.

Then there's this guy. A regular guy. Who just so happens to be able to fly one. The only male in the world that can do so. Ok, fine. I'll roll with this. So this one guy happens to be extremely talented albeit raw in his piloting skills. He also happens to be the little brother of one of the strongest woman pilots in history. Which shouldn't matter. But it does, here. Sigh. Now I'm starting to back off a bit. Then on top of that most, if not all the girls in the school likes him. His harem is starting to form. A harem. Again. Makes me sad.

This is when I'm starting to not like the show. I'm losing my enthusiasm quickly. I know this is how things go in these kinds of shows. I do. But, for one time I wish it didn't.

I would love for the main character this time to not just be better than everyone. I would like to see this guy train. I would like to not see him beat women or even fight on par with the women selected to represent their country. I would like these women to One Shot this guy in a fight (I play too many PvP MMOs). I just don't like this guy with minimal training able to accomplish what he has in a few short episodes.

I don't like him saving the women all of the time. These women are battle hardened, war tested and sexy warriors! This guy stumbled in and now hes one of the best.

Like I've said before. I know this is how this kind of show is done. But I just wish for once, that a different storyline was created here. I love ranked fights. I like seeing 1 vs 2 fight in a series. Or the underdog score a victory. But in this show, it just shouldn't be possible.

I'm an extreme Houki Shinono fan, and I just find it disgusting how shes participating in the Harem already. I don't like that one bit.

I'm going to continue watching. But it's weighing on my mind. I don't want this show to suck, imho. But I fear that it will as the show goes on.

So what's your thoughts on this?

Get Familiar

This is going to be the start of a series of posts I want to add in. Expect my Get Familiar series sprinkled in here and there. I just want to share with you guys the stuff that I like. I find it exciting knowing there are people out there with my same tastes.

This first post of this is series, Unbalanced X Unbalanced.

It's Manga. I believe it should be an anime. But whatever.

It's your usual boy meets girl. A fated encounter. Two people destined to be soul mates. Same ole same ole right?

Imagine the woman of your dreams is your teacher? Your teacher! You know that hot teacher we all had in High school. The math teacher that wore that short dress. The english teacher that was really cool and hip. The drama teacher, with her short skirts. Oh yeah.

Then imagine you never even met this teacher. You just thought you got lucky and met a cool young lady by chance. The start of something great! Or something very weird. Something that never happens right? Well, if you watch the news lately, this just happened with some 12 year old kid and his hot teacher.....What a lucky ki.....ahaha *nervous laughter*

I've enjoyed this Manga greatly. Its one of my favorties. I would like you to check it out. And let me know what you think.

But beware, its highly addicting. And it hasn't updated in like 2 years. I thought I'd warn you guys about that. Don't let that stop you from reading it. I'm miserable cause it hasn't updated in so long. I still love it nonetheless. Misery loves company, and I've got tea and cookies!

So comment and let me know if you liked it or not.

(Google it, I wont post a link)