Monday, May 23, 2011

You Have Got To Hear This! Pt. 2

I'm a hip hop/rap fan.

Of course I'm also one of those folks who feel like its feel off tremendously as I've gotten older.

And, I'm not even that old. Just old enough to not like this bullshit I'm hearing.

This guy is one of the people that keeps me listening to one of the genre's I grew up on.

His name is Joe Budden

I'm not going to go into his catalog or where he came for and where he is. As usual I really don't review at all here. I suggest. I suggest you listen to this:

Also shout out to EManny. He is an awesome up coming singer. He's also the guy whos singing the hook and background vocals. He has a wonderful voice. I first of heard him also by listening to Joe Budden. Get familiar with him as well.

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