Monday, January 9, 2012

Nisemonogatari Forces Me To Return!!!

Hopefully my return can look just as good as that lovely young lady up there....Mmm mmm mm.

Anyways Its been awhile since Ive post. A very long time. There's no excuse for abscence. Just pure laziness. Yep I admit it.

On my twitter I talk about a bunch of stuff and I always have something to say. But when it comes to making a post, I sense the dread. But now that's over! Over!

What's different. Well I have help this time! Also I've been motivated to actually dedicate the year to actually blogging often and as much as I can. I've challenged myself to be different this year.

So yes, I'm back and its going to be awesome!

What's this got to do with Nisemonogatari? I just wanted to post the pic of that girl! Oh yea!

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