Monday, January 9, 2012

Ama and Katawa Shoujo!

This blog hasnt been updated in quite some time. If it wasnt for @DreamKatari, I wouldnt it even have remembered this blog exists! Now its time to get you to remember it exists as well!

I'm Amaterasu Nakazato, or Ama for short! I want to get this blog up and running again, or at least try to to. I promise! This is going to be My first post here!

So I'm going to start with a Visual Novel. This is for those who may like Visual Novels or for those just getting into them. This reminds me of how I was helping some of my RL friends get into them.

I liked one, aimed for another and ended up into some random route!

Katawa Shoujo [means Disabled Girls] is the visual novel I want to talk about. Its a simple premise, youre playing the game from the boys perspective and youre trying to date some nice girls. But, with these girls they all have a past and some scars. Because these girls have disabilities and fears stemming from their disabilities. Gotta put in the work to win their hearts.

Introduce yourself or just be sorry? Kinda difficult choice for me.

As a traditional Visual Novel, its read and choose an option. These choices are always important. If you think well, they are always related to a specific girl and its quite easy to read. You have five girls to chose from. Quite hard to not like one of them~

No, Misha, you has no route in Katawa Shoujo...

Some feedback that I got on Facebook was that Act 1 has a LOT of text, with almost no action. Maybe it's because of the presentation of each character, this can make things slower and stall the story for a while. But, Act 2 is pretty sweet because you are already with the girl you chose, so the story will revolve around you and her.

Ends here/Begins here?

It is great that this a FREE game! This way people can get familiar with Visual Novels by playing this one for free. Its a lot better than trying to find pirated versions on the net. The pirated versions usual need needs a lot of programs and steps to work. For example, a program like AppLocale, its used for applying patches and other things. It was quite confusing at first.

If you enjoy cute girls and like a bit of drama, this game may be for you.

Heres the Torrent

And heres a DDL (not a official one)

"Enjoy Katawa Shoujo!"

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