Monday, January 31, 2011

I Couldn't Wait....

to do This!

Ok in all honesty, I love anime. I love movies. I love music. I love it all. I love, love.

Ok not all the time cause love hurts. Whatever.

I created this blog just to vent after I watch anime. I have all these opinions and nobody to talk to about them. So I'd just sit at my comp watching the latest anime, get really excited then do nothing about it! I could go to forums yes I could. But I'd be that annoying poster that creates threads for stuff people would deem "stupid".

So I said, Fk it! I'm gonna do this blog. I'm gonna seek out the conversation that I'm looking for. I'm gonna post what I want, when I want and people are going to love it. I hope.

I really wanted to get this going before the start of this new season of anime, Winter 2011. But its like 5 weeks in already and I just got this started.

So I'll just start my posts as I watch them. I'm totally winging this bish! I don't really have a format or a plan. I'm just going to post. I'm not a pro writer or in school for it either! I'm just doing this cause I want to.

Hopefully, I'll attract the kind of commenter like myself, who will get on this blog and bitch and moan about anime like I will. So comment away PLEASE!!!

I've got Dragon Crisis - 04, Kore wa Zombie desu ka - 04 and Level E - 04 on deck. So those are my first few posts on this new blog.

So bare with me. Lots of changes, lots of posts, lots of fun.

I couldn't wait to do this!


  1. It sounds like you're doing this to rub it in my face... but cool. I'll be here commenting and whatever.

  2. lol nah, I had to prove it to ya that I was gonna do it!

    Oh yeah!

  3. Grats on making a blog the hardest part is usually starting :D just fill in some interesting content and I make sure to frequent it ~