Monday, January 31, 2011

So, The Armor Isn't Just To Make You Look Cuter? (Zombie 04)

I really liked this weeks episode.

Finally with get a few tidbits into who Miss Hellscythe is. A little back story never hurt anybody.

So everything she does can become a devastating weapon. Her box itself is a weapon. She cant control anything but her thoughts. And her ink pen.

Just seems kind of strange in my opinion. If everything she does is OP, then how come Zombie boy is kind of weak? I guess making him a zombie that can talk and not OD on Brains is pretty damn OP. I find it odd that healing people hurts her in the process. She can take that pain, but the thought of who and what she is hurts her more than any injury ever could. And her zombie gets cut in half almost every episode. Hardcore.

I didn't understand why she would think shes the monster when she lives in a house with a Zombie, magical girl and a vampire ninja, with a filthy mouth and a smoking hot body. Oh that vampire ninja...Ahem.

A little back story went a long way in this. I would have actually preferred the entire Episode to be back story. The fight at then end was not needed and very anti climatic.

I hate to admit this, but I wanted to explore Miss Hellscythe's feeling a bit more. Decent episode.

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