Monday, January 31, 2011

Nino? Is That You? (Level E 04)

I love a good troll. I really do.

But this is on some, Dattebayo, when I first discovered what Naruto was troll type ish.

I mean first I keep thinking this dude is Nino. Then I keep believing the stories this anime is telling. I mean the only thing that isn't a troll is that Mr. Nino up there is an alien. A quirky, weirdo, pretty boy! (He should be in Star Driver).

And it seems like he is hellbent on trolling people. This time instead of his roomate. Whos house he totally crashed. We, the viewers, were totally trolled.

The funny thing about it is, I actually liked the story. I thought it was dark, scary, weird as hell and kept me fully entertained. I really liked this ep. Until the end. I found out that I was trolled.

I don't know if I like this anime or not. Or if they are telling me the story or not. But I know I'll keep watching.

This episode was great.

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  1. When I watched this episode I thought, "Ok, the show's gonna be telling different stories about different aliens. I can deal with that." But when the end of the ep came and it turns out to be a troll, I was pissed. The whole show, so far, has been one big troll. It's not what it seems to be and has funny plot twists at the end of the arcs.

    And when I say funny, I don't mean funny in a good way. A good troll is one you can recognize as a troll and laugh at when it's over. When a troll turns out like this, where the punchline wasn't nearly as entertaining as the rest of the joke, it's just plain not good.

    I'm just gonna say it: Level E is garbage. The plot is so thin you couldn't find it with a NASA grade telescope. I'm giving it one more episode, 2 tops, before I drop it.