Friday, February 11, 2011

Selfishness Will Help Save The World! (Madoka Magica 6)

As usual, Madoka finds herself where she shouldn't be. Scared, confused and helpless. Hard to believe a person like her is going to become the most powerful Magical Girl based on talent alone? Really? Even Michael Jordan had to practice! There is no killer instinct in Madoka's bones. I understand she's the heroine but come on man! She couldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight. Are the witches going to have a chat and tea while she cries about what they are doing is wrong? It might work. Poor Mami.

Kyubey is scheming again. Using every trick in the book to get Madoka. He knows how weak Sayaka is. So he's encouraging her to ask Madoka to help her. Kyubey is going for it.

Seems like the dirty truth about Puella Magi is starting to come out. Even Mami warned Madoka of this. Saving the world is a by product of the selfishness associated with becoming a Puella Magi. Kyubey didn't offer world peace. Hey said he'd grant your WISH. Seems our heroine thinks good intentions isn't a road to hell. She's growing up fast.

Soul Gems. Who knew they meant just that!? Kyubey snatched the souls from their bodies. Made them completely dependable on witches to stay alive and keep their wish alive as well. But its not enough to kill familiars. You need witches. Then, there isn't enough witches to go around. So the Magi end up fighting each other over turf because their needs are so great. Their bodies are mechs! LOL. "Puella Magi 00, dazzling the stage!" Or...wait? Right. Right? Right!

Kyubey what in this for you?

On another note.

I hate that I called Sayaka simple in my last post about this show. Sayaka gets it. Even better, she understands her place. She knows shes weak. What an awesome character. Sayaka has earned my honest and genuine respect. I wish she was stronger. She has the heart and the will to fight. She embraced the selfishness of becoming Puella Magi and went after what she wanted. Sustaining that wish she has for as long as she can. Just wonderful. I love the wake up call she gave Madoka. She fully understands what she's doing.

But she's been made the goat. She's being used by just about everyone. Kyubey is even using her to get to Madoka. Using Sayaka's weaknesses to force Madoka to become a Puella Magi in order to save her friend. He knows Madoka cant take another Mami event happening. Then you have the other two Puella Magi and their plans.

Homura and Kyoko making plans, plotting on Sayaka. Poor Sayaka. But, this is how it is. Those wishes aren't going to grant themselves. I can understand Kyoko's motives. She's doing it just for her. But what's up with Homura? Why is she so special? I know she needs Grief Seeds herself, so why give up such a prime area.

I loved how dark this show got this week. It really pointed out how selfish it is to be a Puella Magi. Makes it seem like doing this is only for the benefit of the people involved. Has nothing to do with saving people. That's just a by-product.

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