Friday, February 18, 2011

You Have Got To See This: Pt 3


A three part OVA. Focusing on the actions of three players and their adventure in the MMO game called The WORLD. Rather than focusing on the Human players, the series focuses on the actually avatars and game-play.

For those us familiar with this series, its like a breath of fresh air. Everything we loved about the series with great voice acting, lovable characters and amazing artwork.

dotHackQuantum is about a MMO video game set in the distant future. Think WoW in the 22nd century. Where players log in with their friends quest, fight and find treasure.

Something happens in-game that causes the players to be sucked into the game. Making the person playing and their avatar one in the same.

What makes me like it so much is that, its like watching my favorite MMO animated. From the dialogue of the players to the things they are doing. Like getting the guild together to take down a hard game boss. Or PvPing. Which I happen to love very much. It warmed my heart to see that they really studied the MMO players and made you feel like you were watching players online going about their online lives.

I suggest you pick this up and watch it. You wont be disappointed.

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