Thursday, February 3, 2011

Your Not About To Cry Again Are You? (Madoka Magica 5)

I like Madoka Magica, I really do.

But, how many times does risking your life for your own ideals have to be explained? How much more proof do you need?

I get it, I get it. Were talking about young girls fighting for their lives. Trusting themselves with their own responsibilities. Having the conviction to follow through with the choices they've made.

Sayaka, bless her heart, is simple. Dangerously simple. She took her choice by the horns and ran with it. Yet she still shows that shes scared and doesn't know if shes able to see that choice through. Mami died in front of you. She showed you this already. You love the person you sacrificed for right? You made that choice because you believed in your heart it was the right thing to do. Then see it through.

To here credit she was moving forward. Trying her best not to be afraid and do her duty. Handle her responsibilities the best way she could. Why she would choose to take Madoka along knowing she's no good in a fight, is beyond me. I believe watching Mami die should have told her how useless back up is that's not Magical Girls themselves.

Enter this beauty.

Clearly a seasoned vet in the game. Knowing what it takes to get what one wants. Understanding that the world isn't all butterflies and rainbows. Especially when killing is what gets those rainbows to come out. I can't even fault her for showing up to a prime territory to further her own ambitions. That is basically what being a Magical Girl is all about. Wish for what you want. In return you gotta kill some witches! Cant keep getting what you want if there's others in your way. After all this isn't a team sport. Mami herself said that. That reminds me of this girl.

How many times are you going to double talk? Everything you say is contradictory when it comes to your actions. You've almost done everything you said you wouldn't do. You don't want to involve these girls. You want them to stay away from becoming a Magical Girl. You've already explained to our heroine about how harsh this existence is. You even told Madoka that there was nothing she could do to save Sayaka. So why are you, yet again, showing up to save them? What's your deal? Jumping in the middle of the new beauty and Sayaka's fight is so against your own words. Unless you're going to snuff them both out to meet your own ambitions. Wishful thinking I'm sure.

Madoka, how many people are going to die before you stop crying and do something about it? If your not going to do anything about it, then distance yourself and return to normal. I know its really hard to forget. You watched a person you've come to love die right in front of you. You also understand by now. That person was living the life she chose. The life Sayaka has also decided to choose. This isn't your life. If you want it to be, you know what you have to do.

Kyubei, your a dick dude. You knew damn well what your doing. What's your deal bro? Trying to coax Madoka into being a Magical Girl for you like that. Bad form dude.

In closing, yes this show is very predictable. I seen all this coming a mile away. But I figured I'd take this approach instead.

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