Friday, February 18, 2011

There Isn't Anything Common About Common Sense (Madoka Magica 7)

Kyubey hate him or love him, has some valid points. Points I'm even supporting. It makes practical sense to seperate the soul from the body if damage taken when the soul is in the body can oblierate the soul. One hit and you can no longer fight. This solution seems solid. But, choosing to leave out the fact that hes basically turned their souls into jewelry is that gray area everyone hates.

Okay you didn't tell them because they didn't ask which is true, but you also didn't volunteer that information because of their reactions. Which is misleading. You already knew this was a touchy subject and caused your candidates to not want to become Puella Magi. Which is why you purposely left it out.

Kyubey did warn them that their wish isn't free and they would have to fight for it. But I cant help feeling like he swindled them in the fine print. Used Car Salesman tactics.

Hormura drops the ball again on this one. She could have warned them about this from the start. You're protecting Madoka right? You're trying to keep her from making this huge mistake right? Why not tell her the ugly truths, the entire truths about what shes considering doing. You could for sure have prevented Sayaka from becoming a Puella Magi. Part of me think that your fixated on Madoka and could careless about Sayaka. Seems Homura is only caring for Sayaka as a by product of all the attention she heaps on Madoka.

I will forever love Kyouko. She tells it like it is. She gets it! It comes with the territory. This is what you have to pay for a miracle. It's only fair right? I love that she shows Sayaka some sympathy because she's experienced the same frustration and pain from her wish.

It really was nice to get a little backstory on the character I love. I'm glad I finally know the reason she's eating all the time. Her wish destroyed her family. But since her wish went wrong, did Kyubey release her from her contract? Or better yet, should Kyubey have released her from the contract?

Well she's still a Puella Magi, so of course he didn't. Kyubey isn't about ethics it would seem. He fullfilled her wish, even if it did go bad. So literally his part of the contract is fulfilled. Its not his fault her wish didn't work out right? Again, Used Care Salesman tactics.

Sayaka is still fighting with herself. She believes shes doing the right thing. I cant blame her either. But is your wish really for him to be happy or for him to be happy with you? She's made a decision to use her power for good which isn't bad. She's given up her life for the guy and she wont even be able to be with him. Is that true love? Maybe I'm harsh but it just seems like a waste to me.

Sayaka's wish is sure starting to look like a bad idea. You wished for his happiness over your own by mistake. Mami actually warned her about this. She really should have thought this through.

She now has to watch her best friend become the lover of the man she loves so much. The man you gave up your humanity for. Baka.


Madoka I'm losing even more faith in you, all these harsh realities are in your face. Yet you still act like you cant understand whats going on. You're just going to jump into this world feet first without thinking about anything you've learned.

You cant be that naive. Quit crying and start thinking!

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