Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Girl Fight!

I like the premise of Infinite Stratos.

Not like it hasn't been done before. It has a couple of times.

I love the thought of beautiful women, in cool mechs fighting for the good of the human race. Wonderful! Fight on ladies. Look great doing it. Spending time in the mirror getting their makeup right, then time on the battlefield setting their enemies right! Yes!

Even better that only women can pilot the super cool Mechs. There are even women warriors selected by each country to represent them in battle. For political and military gain.

I'm hooked.

Then there's this guy. A regular guy. Who just so happens to be able to fly one. The only male in the world that can do so. Ok, fine. I'll roll with this. So this one guy happens to be extremely talented albeit raw in his piloting skills. He also happens to be the little brother of one of the strongest woman pilots in history. Which shouldn't matter. But it does, here. Sigh. Now I'm starting to back off a bit. Then on top of that most, if not all the girls in the school likes him. His harem is starting to form. A harem. Again. Makes me sad.

This is when I'm starting to not like the show. I'm losing my enthusiasm quickly. I know this is how things go in these kinds of shows. I do. But, for one time I wish it didn't.

I would love for the main character this time to not just be better than everyone. I would like to see this guy train. I would like to not see him beat women or even fight on par with the women selected to represent their country. I would like these women to One Shot this guy in a fight (I play too many PvP MMOs). I just don't like this guy with minimal training able to accomplish what he has in a few short episodes.

I don't like him saving the women all of the time. These women are battle hardened, war tested and sexy warriors! This guy stumbled in and now hes one of the best.

Like I've said before. I know this is how this kind of show is done. But I just wish for once, that a different storyline was created here. I love ranked fights. I like seeing 1 vs 2 fight in a series. Or the underdog score a victory. But in this show, it just shouldn't be possible.

I'm an extreme Houki Shinono fan, and I just find it disgusting how shes participating in the Harem already. I don't like that one bit.

I'm going to continue watching. But it's weighing on my mind. I don't want this show to suck, imho. But I fear that it will as the show goes on.

So what's your thoughts on this?

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